Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Here she is in her pretty-girl Seinfeld days. Here womanly Julie is winning her 6th Best Actress award for her hit HBO show, "Veep"

Watching her in reruns of Seinfeld, Julia as Elaine in "SEINFELD" continues to give me moments I enjoy freshly, even if I've seen the scene before. "The New Adventures of Old Christine" delighted me, and now I'm a fan of "Veep."

It's Julia's sense of humor. You feel she's saying the first thing that comes to her mind, not censoring, not thinking ahead--just reacting. What comes out of her mouth is surprising, fun, shocking, even ludicrous, ridiculous. Occasionally, it's witchy bitchy, blunt, crude, and what she's said even seems to surprise her. She reacts with a grunt or an oops, a big-eyed look with a slightly crooked smile which becomes  frown and turns back into a smile.

I love this picture: it's HER---the fearless, unique, theatrical cartoonist, who says and does whatever she feels like saying and doing.

Brace yourself as the video below rolls--you'll be chuckling. It takes us back in time to the days when politics was riveting, important, and interesting no matter which side you were on. And we enjoyed the quirks of the people involved, not feared and dreaded them as we're fearing and dreading them nowadays.

Hurray for Julia/Selina Meyer the "Veep," hurray  for the liberated guys who write this show, and the be-anything-do anything art of Julia Lewis-Dreyfus.