Friday, August 2, 2013


Hackers, according to what I've read in reliable places, are smart guys who figure out how to get into anything and everything that's private..

In a recent Time Magazine, I read that the # 1 smartest-of-smart social-networking guys have formed a group to do unto others what others have been doing unto them.

Oh no! Well ... probably YES -- they're H A C K I N G.  

Sean Parker, 33 former head of FB, founder of Napster, Ron Conway, 62, money man, investor, Mark Zuckerberg 29, FB kingpin, Joe Green, 29, Zuck's former roommate who's a super publicist, Ro Khanna, 36, Silicon Valley lawyer who is trying to unseat Google's founder, Larry Page -- those are the main guys in,

These wonderfully rich, smart, billionaires are planning to control what happens in D.C. by using lobbyists -- buying  them, involving, employing them the way big name corporation have been  doing for years.

Hey, maybe we should be pleased that the smartest of smart guys are hacking the hackers who control DC. is working on immigration reform -- they want to be able to employ the genius, super smart guys from other parts of the world, who currently can't work here. Also, with the help of Engine Advocacy, a group that's linked in with hundreds of online Websites, is working on legislators -- Senators and Congressmen -- they are determined to control all legislation that affects the Internet.

Joe Green (Zuck's former roommate, who helped him evolve Facebook), said, "What we are doing can have enormous power and control of what's online, and we will use our connections to control political debate."

Wow -- this sounds like Romney -- they are looking into the near and distant future -- the days when they can maybe buy the presidency, as well as run the government.

Oh no! Well ...  maybe YES.

They have the brains, brawn, and appetite. Why couldn't they become as powerful as GE, NRA, or the Oil lobby?

I can't help wondering if the super hackers are going to make life better for you and me --we the people.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Oh it's fun
to take the truthy truth,
turn it upside-inside out
and down,
make righty-right stuff

     Sanford -- newly elected congressman -- North Carolinians can count on.

     John Boehner, speaker of the house -- he is helping the country solve its problems.

     Obama -- race-prejudiced President whom we trust, just can't be trusted. 

     Womens' issues, gay issues -- they're just about solved.

     Gun control and immigration -- they are going to be solved.

Other reversible truths abound. My favorites: There's no real problem with the weather,  Automobiles have been vastly improved   If you're not sure about a symptom, call your Doctor, and... 

There's Time Warner's brain-washing "enjoy better" when you can't get your favorite channels anymore; daily-nightly sexual potency pills that you MUST take if you want to be sure you can "do it," and, my goodness of course, two pain killers are better than eight, and...

The latest new AB exercises, butt exercises, lose weight, and rub-in creams that guarantee comfort for up to sixteen hours.  Click the link, and buy -- you might cry when you realize it's mostly a lie, but you won't die -- with double think, trouble is solved, dissolved.      

Take a look at this video -- these two guys -- are they telling lies?  Will you rush and buy it, apply it, with a roller brush? 

Monday, July 29, 2013


If you want to pronounce his name correctly, say, "I WAY WAY" 

Back in  2011, after I saw this picture of a man in an empty field, I blogged about him and said:

"I've been reading about  Chinese artist,  Ai Weiwei -- the big praise in London for his '100 Million Porcelain Seeds.' Ai Weiwei  has disappeared.  No one knows where he is -- but he is probably in a detention center in the middle of nowhere, because he publicly denounced the 2008 Beijing Olympics as  propaganda.

"Weiwei's  art -- bronze replicas, animal heads -- will be on display outside Central Park in NYC next month.  He's got 78,000 followers on Twitter.  He says that he asks questions through the objects he creates. Communist China's officials do not like questions. His  disappearance has focused international attention on the current bout of repression in China.

"That photo is a guy arranging leaflets for one of Ai Weiwei's canceled exhibits. My blog  generally supports or puts down this and that -- Trump, Glenn Beck's talk show; silly shoe styles -- I've been worrying about Muslims, Oprah, and fracking -- sometimes I feel like the guy in that empty field  arranging leaflets for an exhibit that people can't-won't-don't  attend."

Okay! Right now, today, summer of 2013, Ai Weiwei's work was not just ON the cover of my Time Magazine -- it IS the cover of the June 17th  issue. Today, in 2013 he has 218, 591 followers on Twitter, and 3,013 followers on Facebook.

He is no longer "nowhere." Though he is spied on, and followed by police, he goes to and from his studio in Beijing, where he is creating new works of art, writing and publishing Rap songs and articles about repression in China, and the fact that he cannot travel -- the government has taken away his passport. 

Hey, that gives me hope as an artist. Maybe my ideas won't be noticed or make any difference, or  change what people say or do, but the subjects I've written about are in the air, and that  breeds thoughts -- breeds words that impel some kind of action -- so nowhere is ...  well,  it's more or less somewhere, isn't it?

Take a look at Weiwei, and what the art world thinks of his "Circle of Animals." .