Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Since the day, the night, thousands gathered and rejoiced with tears in their eyes, we have joy and hope again. I feel it every day, we feel it, you feel it every day. We still get tears in our eyes, amazed that it happened, and proud to have shared it with so many many many people.

I'll not forget it. None of us will. He won. He's the president. His spirit and all that he conveys is inside, all around us, touching us all.

Shh. Whether we believe in prayer or not, we pray that nothing will hurt or harm or destroy that one guy. We don't want to think about the way our other heroes were taken away, don't want to mention their names in the same breath and connect them, so that assassinations belong in the past, and that good man will go on and on being what he is.

(I asked JC to read this. He said, don't publish it ... don't put that awful thought in anyone else's mind.)

The hardest thing is to write about the hardest, worst things that you know, and feel. I think it needs to be said. So, here it is. Should I, shouldn't I keep it on Em's Talkery?

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