Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The paint smell from the floor below me is much less today. Ivan the contractor and his son are hammering this morning -- the banging on the ceiling is probably them putting up that eight foot fixture for four fluorescent bulbs. (A monster of a fixture -- my two John's, JC and JD, lugged it up the stairs yesterday. JD said it's Ivan's final job. Shareen wants bright lights on the racks when the store opens Saturday.

Amazing Shareen ... How gracefully, securely, confidently she leaps, tour-jet├ęs into new, major undertakings; she's opening her third vintage store, "Shareen New York." I have to say it again, how lucky we are that our son JD found Shareen, who's like a daughter, sister, dear best friend.

The two of them encouraged me to do Em's Talkery along with my website. "Mom," JD said, "You need a blog so people can get to know you," "Yes," said Shareen, "And be able talk to you, ask you for advice."

"Huh? Advice ...?" I was taken aback.

"Yes!" the two of them said. "Like your heroine Hally's mother. You wrote about it, why not do it yourself?"
(In "Heart City," chapt. 23, page 164, installment H -- Hally's know-it-all Mom creates her own website, to answer questions about love, finance, household, possessions, health.)

"Well ... " I murmured. I murmur well noncommittally when I'm mulling something over. "Well, if someone wrote and told me what's on their mind ... my advice could be helpful ... why not?"

"Why not?" said Sue, my PR pal. "Why not, said Fran my website designer. "They can click TALK TO EM, ASK EM on The Readery, and Em's Talkery!"

So, on the left, below my picture, there's a TALK TO EM place to click.

Go ahead! Ask about anything, mention any kind of worry you have and you'll get my opinion. I'll post it on Wednesdays, matinee day in the theater ... it'll be my day for answering questions.

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