Friday, June 5, 2009


He's reaching out and touching the world.

Does it bring tears to your eyes? It does to mine.

Young, he is -- strong strides, always energetic. Have we ever seen him tired, really worn out? Oh yes -- we've seen PR photos of him with some of the guys, showing us that like all guys, he and his cabinet and his advisers relax once in a while.

He is like a young Daddy, full of piss and vinegar, taking on the neighborhood gangs, taking their punches, even brutal, ugly, below-the belt attacks -- not always with a grin, but he always stands up to them, looks them in eye, and tells them --"You are wrong!" Says it strongly, clearly (maybe a flicker of anger showing), but he's a Daddy, teaching them even when he reprimands.

How often have we shivered and worried, and inside ourselves, wished the people who hate us, the foes, the enemies, who are people like ourselves, would stop hating us and be friends....

While Obama is over there with them, we're praying, hands clasped. Praying like needy children ... fix it ... didn't Daddy fix the top when it wouldn't spin ... pick us up when we fell and hold us ... make the pain go away? The awful possibly of a bully somewhere pushing the red button that could destroy the world. The ruthless furious members of gangs who would kill themselves rather than let us win or think we're winning a fight that none of us want.

All that, all the crazy killing, murdering -- can he, could he, will he make go away?

We know he's trying, want him, desperately want him try and keep trying.

We, the needy children, we're standing back, as you have to when the chief is taking charge and trying to take care of us. And praying that he'll be okay. That no crazy person will hurt him. That he'll keep going, looking them in the eye, telling everyone, even those who hate us, that we're have to stop hating and live together.

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