Monday, July 20, 2009


Why do I dread Mondays? I'm not an employee. I can do what I want on Monday ... but too many undone chores come to mind.

Suddenly I don't know what to do first.

The first day of the week in school days, "Dear old golden rule days," was often the test day that loomed over the weekend, making me worry that I hadn't studied enough. But I don't have tests. I'm not negotiating anything. I don't have letters to write! I don't have any pressing chores , not today, but maybe next week ...

"Monday" (the name) means "Day of the moon." No wonder time is flying is loud in my mind. Next Monday, will be next month, which means the month after is looming -- in a minute it'll be next season, and the fall season is the time for birthdays and holidays. And then ... I can't stop thinking of what's next, and next ... oh my goodness, next after that ...


Spur of the moment proclamation: Worrying about time passing is ... dumb! Thinking about time passing is ... stupid! Time passing belongs to a tick-tocking man-made machine that measures time for constructive reasons. Time passing does not belong in the head of an Em who can control her mind -- focus it on a ligament if necessary, and make it work.

Loud in my mind I'm saying: Do not waste time focusing on time passing. Use time.

Okay! So -- I fly upstairs and plop JC's laundry in the machine. In between writing this, plop it in the dryer. When my timer ding-dings, (have one on my desk, also in the kitchen, the studio, and in my bathroom ) I get his laundry out of the dryer fast, before it sits and gets wrinkled. (Racing up and down the stairs is great for the quads.)

Then, I fold the underwear, match the socks, with the side of my hand, iron the undershirts. In no time flat, his laundry is put away.

I'm back at the computer.

Hey -- Monday is wash day! So wash your thoughts, put them on the clothes line. Anchor them with clothes pins so they won't get blown down-- they'll dry in the air. Then you'll pile them in the laundry basket, fold them, put them in the drawers where they belong.

Am I done with Monday-itis? Yes!

Will it creep back in, and pause me, distract me, waste my time on Moonday-Monday next week? Maybe? Probably? But since I'm heading into tomorrow, I don't have to deal with it till six days from now.

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