Sunday, June 12, 2011


Emily has always said it was love at first sight. John, carefully, tactfully, doesn't agree.

It happened in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. John was playing the lead in Tennessee's outdoor drama, "Chucky Jack."

Emily explains -- "My Dance Drama Company was in residence in Gatlinburg for the summer, playing the Indians in the show. I was married to Mark Ryder, who choreographed the Indians and other dances in the show. I came to Gatlinburg to find out if, in fact, Mark and I were ending our professional partnership, as well as ending our marriage.

The Cullums talk about their courtship. The time they spent together in Gatlinburg was the beginning of their love story .


Carola said...

What a wonderful story. I remember meeting John for the first time (I was 9 or 10). You and he came down a flight of stairs and first you appeared all beautiful with your long red hair, and then this golden Apollo came down the stairs and with a lovely southern accent too.

Linda Phillips said...

What a wonderfully romantic and fascinating story. All except for the bridge part, only because I really hate bridge, LOL!

You two always have such unique memories. I love it!

Love Carola's memories as well!!!!

Terry said...

I don't suppose we could see a picture of the happy couple from that time could we?
And we must know which churches in Knoxville fired the future Tony winner! With luck I know someone who attends one of them who I can razz about it. :-) TLC