Sunday, June 26, 2011


What new project should we take on? We've been producers, raising money, casting my plays, "One Fine Morning." "Zinnia," "People in Show Biz Make Long Goodbyes," "Shattering Panes." And of course, as producers, we worked on creating sets, costumes, lighting, costumes and the very big deal of "selling tickets."

"Panes" was project I started working on more than 20 years ago, with John, John David (our son), and me playing ourselves. It has been THE current project until last year. For various reasons, having to do with other current commitments, it is shelved for the time being. (John is mulling over "Bible Ballads," and my seven novels are in the process of being published as e-books.)

What else can we do? I suggest we learn Spanish. Will we take that on? Though the most fun has always been working on a play, the seed it planted.


Carola said...

I wish I had focused more on modern languages when I was young instead of classical languages. Now when I study French or Spanish (before I travel), I find them very difficult.

Linda Phillips said...

Knowing what I know about the two of you...YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Go for it!