Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was browsing, turning pages in one of my magazines, thinking there is nothing here I want to write about ...

The center pages fell open with "OBAMA'S COLLAPSING BASE" emblazoned across the middle of them. Heavy-hearted, because a lot of bad things have been happening, not been happening -- because of all the on-and-on talk about the deficit, I feel as if we're building a high wall around "progress."

Paying off the national debt is what the Repubs are selling, pushing, yelling about -- promoting because they ain't got nothing else they are promoting.

Also, a lot of conservatives, and seriously behind-the-times Americans think "Yes sir, we gotta pay off that national debt so my grand kids and their kids don't have to worry about it."

Of course, we may all be dead, or maybe the country will be a shambles, poverty-stricken, possibly non-existent, because we didn't take care of the environment, or people died from lack of food -- no money to buy it, no medical help.

Yes, we picked Obama, and he's trying to negotiate with the Repubs, but it seems to be impossible to negotiate without killing just about everything that is already on the table, or is even vaguely, hopefully, on the table at some point.

And in the meantime, a lot of Dems are wavery-quavery -- they don't want to lose their jobs, but they're losing them because they haven't protected their jobs or stood up for anything. They're just sort of leaning toward the Repubs.

What can we do, what do we do, about all this, about EVERYTHING -- jobs, immigration, Medicare, health care, energy, environment, our wars, nuclear stuff, banks, Wall Street, rebuilding roads/railroads/bridges, our electric grid -- (have I forgotten five or six other things?).

We put Obama in charge and everything he's done, we have been wavering/quavering over, wiggling, testing, double-triple-questioning, based on the way we've been brain-washed into doing, since we elected him. We listen to the polls and hear the questions and pay attention to every Tom, Dick, Prick, and Harry. Get scared, and tentative, and the people that need to support the president back off a few feet and IN creeps doubt, compromise, alternates and more talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

"Stand by your man," sang Patsy Cline.. We need to stand by him -- stand strong, and build a wall of support so that the brainy guy we picked to fix things can fix them. Yes, Obama's human. Yes, he makes mistakes, ("The only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything," said Theodoree Roosevelt/)

He's cordial and kind and listens carefully to his opponents because, as a boy, he learned from his father daddy to listen to others, to empathize.

(Read the book Barack Obama wrote about this, for God's sake --"Dreams from My Father." He wrote the damn book and explained all this before we was ever a candidate).

Obama is empathizing with the Repubs and, and ... and ....... we are complaining and getting nowhere.

Yes -- . the big bad wolf-Bin Laden is dead. We suddenly think Obama isn't a wimp. Can we just for a few months, please shut up, stand by our man, OUR PERSON -- tell others to stand by our man, not argue and nit-pick. And support him and let him lead and win the next election and a Congress to implement some of the things that must get done if our country is going to continue to be a beautiful wonderful, healthy, peaceful, safe place to live?


Carola said...

I recently came back from a month long trip and read my collected Newsweeks backward (newest first). So first I read about Obama's resurgence in popularity after the Ireland trip and the death of Bin Laden. Then I read about his popularity collapsing. The media just has to have headlines--so Obama's reputation is fantastic one week and collapsing the next.

Terry said...

I think he's making it very difficult to stand by him. I'm a lifelong Democrat but even I now recognize that neither party is really the friend of the people. They both belong to the banksters.

Linda Phillips said...

I agree with Terry. It would appear that all of our politicians are in the pockets of corporations and decision are not made for the good of the people, but for the good of the corporations that pay them the most.

I am a life long Democrat and I consider myself to be a Progressive. Of course I voted for Obama. I even had 2 bumper stickers on my car and a button affixed to my handbag.

There are times when I am pleased by his actions, but mostly, I have been seriously disappointed.

I wish we had the Obama that I though we had voted for. Will things change? I doubt it. We no longer live in a Democracy. We live in a Plutocracy.

I hate it, but its true! Will it ever go back to being a Democracy? I doubt it.

Terry said...

More like a kleptocracy, Linda.