Sunday, September 18, 2011


What about those doomsday predictions? Bombs, another 9/11 disaster, what about the end of the world in 2012?

John Cullum says he's not superstitious, but nevertheless, he pays attention to the don't whistle, knock on wood traditions, and develops a few superstitious routines in rehearsal that he maintains during the run of a show. For instance, Cullum goes over certain lines before each performance -- makes his entrance, the same "good luck" way.

Do the Cullums believe in fortune tellers? ESP? NO, they both say. Yet they chat about the plans they made, a long time ago, in fact, about where to meet IF disaster hit New York.


Anonymous said...

Dear Emily: Enjoyed you and John discussing the end of the world... I remember the 1st time the predictors cried "wolf" and I bought flashlights, water, canned goods, etc. and nothing happened but the computers went down! Lol! I don't think the world will end in 2012, but because of my situation, I have my funeral arrangements made and burial plot is ready with flowers on it even! I do believe in some things-like the black cat, ladders, and umbrellas. Example: my burial spot is in a small country hill cemetary said to be haunted with ghosts and every Halloween the police have to lock and guard it from vampire and ghost cults. I bought it there only because it was CHEAPER and I could afford it and it is beautiful and breathtaking to see! Lol! I guess I will be the only ANGEL in my cemetary!
Let's suffice it to say...I'm not buying up my town's supply of water, flashlights, and canned goods for the 2012 prediction!

Anonymous said...

Emily-I need a robot! I forgot to sign my name again to the above comment-sorry!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

carola said...

I remember walking to 1st grade in a small town in Indiana. My friends insisted that we not step on any cracks. There was also something about touching every other tree.

eddie rotten said...

If I may... The end of the world is not our thought in the first place. It is a thought given to us, for us to ponder. Just the same as someone saying, "don't think of a pink elephant", your job now, is to think of that very pink elephant. (inception)
Superstition is the same thing. Things for us to, or not to consider. I have some. Most of them involve facts like not having too many carbs or too much chocolate.. wait... can you have too much chocolate? Anyway..
Your delightful video catalog of topics makes me happy, and this one doesn't disappoint. The end of the world happens to be my 'specialty'. ( -- shameless plug --sorry Em and John, I just had to)
Sorry to say, 2012 wont be the end of the world. There is too many corporations that have invested too much time and money into the 'promotion' of the end of the world for them to profit from it, if it did happen. However, the topic is one of my favs. Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, profits of old and new have found what we humans love. Controversy.
Thanks again for the wonderful blogs!

Anonymous said...

@Eddie Rotten, I agree, you've articulated this very well, so I'd like to say 'Ditto' Heather