Saturday, October 22, 2011


John Cullum is laughing, Em's musing.

John is actually quite concerned about what's happening with money, these days, but feels that it isn't inflation. Prices are just going on.

Em thinks it's inflation...

Since JC is the Cullum family shopper, the one who provides the food, household, home, and office supplies -- he knows what things cost now and remembers what they used to cost.

"I'm a penny pincher," Cullum says.

Em, delighted that John has taken the shopping chore off her agenda, snuggles in, glad that he's watching over them.


Anonymous said...

Great and interesting video! Always a joy to watch you both and hear what you say. I agree with John-prices are terrible and seem to be getting worse. Being disabled my budget is narrow and we spend only $40 a week for groceries because that's we can afford and sometimes it seems our dog and cat have more food on their plate than ours! Lol! Times are hard for all. Just found out SS is giving a 3.5 cost of living raise but Medicare will take most of it as it will rise in premiums next year-so it's a no win situation. I guess I should be happy and blessed with what I have!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Linda Phillips said...

And WE ARE SO LUCKY to have the privilege of have you sharing part of your life with US!

I can't believe that a man of John's stature, one of the very greatest actors and especially a musical theatre actor/singer would ever worry about getting another job! That blows my mind. Hello JC!!!!! YOU are a LEGEND, not just some actor...but a Legend!

Yes, the cost of everything these days is astronomical...certainly when it comes to food. It astounds me when I see my food bill...what I was paying just a few years ago and what I am paying's downright scary. I too have limited funds. I am pretty careful in my shopping, but still the prices are unreal, as compared to what they were not that long ago.

As far as anything else....I do 99% of my shopping online and I am a bargain hunter par excellence. So, when I need to replace something, I always find the very best prices. I have the time to search and I do.

Shere Siegel said...

Hi Em, Thanks for adding me as a fb friend. I live in Canada & am retired. Great blog! Shere Siegel.

Carola said...

One of the reasons that we all feel as if there is inflation, and yet the statistics deny that, is that they drop food and gasoline costs out of the consumer price index. And yet food is going up astronomically.