Sunday, September 2, 2012


Emily Frankel, thinking sort of poetically, romantically about moonlight and stars as a favorite time, is surprised when John Cullum reveals his favorite time is morning.

It's also her best time, a favorite time, because the day's challenges can more easily be planned, and organized.

John Cullum's schedule, when he's in a show, requires an entirely different sort of schedule -- one that Em remembers from her days on the road doing one night stands as a dancer.

Acting or dancing, the performer must find ways to make the best time of the day between 7 and 11 p.m. -- transform it into a time of heightened perceptions, and physical energy.

Right now, however, doing what they are doing career-wise, John and Em agree, the best time of day is the morning.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed you and JC discussing the best time of day for you both. I think mine is in the morning and also then at dinner time. i seem to have more energy in the morning. I like dinner time when I can smell the food cooking and know we will sit down, eat, and have a relaxing evening ahead. I know Emily and John are both good cooks and wish sometimes I was eating supper with you guys!

Out-Racism said...

Em, it's always great to have John and you on my laptop. I am going to get a large computer so that I can see more of you both. :)

You were made for one another, you two! Your joy is my joy too. God bless you both.

Incidentally, my most creative time is between 4 and 9am. I get so much work done during this time it's unbelievable.

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

Best time of the day is when I'm with my family :-) That's anytime! Glad you two are doing so well, very successful blog :-)

Carola said...

I wake up at 5, but lie in bed listening to a talking book. By 6 I get restless and have to get up. I used to feel great in the early mornings as soon as I get up, but in recent years I have to have a little coffee and EXERCISE before I feel good. Then I usually feel great.

Peggy Bechko said...

LOL, I'm perky in the morning too. Wide awake and ready to go. My most productive time!

Maureen Jacobs said...

My fave time of the day is when I am eating. Lol.

Actually, I prefer early morning when life is very quiet.

Hope things are wonderful.


Unknown said...

Definitely the morning. I think my favourite time of the day is about 4:30 am. Strange I know, but my husband leaves for work at 5 and that last half an hour we spend together talking and having a laugh while the house is quiet and it's just us. Once he's gone to work I get back into bed with my laptop and start my retweets and then do a bit of writing until the others all start to leave for work or uni and then I wake my 11 year old and we have breakfast together before he leaves for school. You can fit a lot of quality time into the morning hours :)

I'd love to read about some of yours and John's favourite recipes :)

Kev Atomic said...

Adorable as always. I love what you said about the 7-11pm time frame-so true and worded so well too. Keep up the great work always!

The May Day Challenge said...

I love the earliest morning before the world wakes up -- AND since a kid, I have loved those moments when someone is cooking and I am done with my day. Someone is cooking (mother, boyfriend, husband) and the day has started to relax...I love that mysterious moment. A bit like what you said, Em. Which surprised me. Again. !!