Saturday, December 29, 2012


Emily Frankel, as each year ends, has asked John Cullum about his New Year's resolutions.

John as usual, has hemmed and hawed until Emily has announced something wifely -- that she'll has resolved to cook more dinners for him.

Recalling some of their old New Years Eve resolutions, the Cullums agree -- their best resolutions have been made, not on New Year's, but before the holiday, and during the new year, when something happens that requires a strong resolve to fix.

Yes, here's what we said before, but the fact of the matter is -- every time we refer to our plans for corn bread, dinners, projects or leisure in 2011, change the number. Loud and clear resolve with us, hope with us that we'll hold onto them for 2013.


Linda Phillips said...

I never make New Years resolutions either...and very rarely during the year. If I do it is based on a life lesson that I just learned. We are never too old to change our habits if it is going to be beneficial.

Wishing you both a wonderful and love filled New Year! Oh and if JC feels like it, I would adore some of his yummy corn bread!

Love to you both!


Anonymous said...

Cute video! very enchanting the way you and John discuss resolutions for the new year. You make such a wonderful couple and your love for each other radiates across to the viewer. God bless you both and HAPPY NEW YEAR! kam

Anonymous said...

New Years Resolutions. sigh.
My day started with my printer not working. Again. This is a problem that has plagued this printer/laptop combo since we put them together. If it isn't the laptop deciding not to automatically update itself anymore, it's the printer losing the wireless connection to the laptop, or the laptop losing the printer's driver, which, by the way, is right inside the laptop, where it's always been. Hasn't been moved a millimeter.
So, anyway, one of my New Year's Resolutions will be to either have my computer savvy son out here show me, once again, how to take all the printer (software?) off the laptop and then reinstall the printer driver with the cd, or walk me through it on the phone.
And this time to write out the steps so I can do it the next time the laptop loses track of its printer driver, by myself.
My other resolution is to continue to write, work on my novel, write some more short stories, and finish my current novel and start another.
I think that's enough resolutions for one small human.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year John and Emily! Wishing you both good health and lots of love! :D

Unknown said...

Emily and John, I wish for you both continued true love & laughter, joy, health and new friendships along the way. Cheers to You Em & John and Safe + Happy New Year to All 🎆🎇

JD Holiday said...

I don't make New Years resolutions because it's one more thing I have to think about every day. lol