Monday, May 6, 2013


Time Magazine's recent cover story, "The Conspiracy to End Cancer," starts with a headline, "The Hero Scientist Who Defeats Cancer Will Likely Never Exist."

'Conspiracy' suggested a bunch of spies. The headline sounded like bad news for cancer victims. 

The author, Bill Saporito, with facts and quotes, tells us that cancer "dream" teams -- 28 of them -- are collaborating and sharing information. Each team, consisting of top scientists and the very latest equipment, is digging deeply into what causes various cancers, and they are already curing cancers, even some which were incurable.

The six page article detailed the important work that was being done right now on pancreatic cancer and deadly forms of leukemia. Though the article didn't promise us anything or promote any specific advice, if you or members of your family have had cancer -- if you fear that it's in your genes -- perhaps you'll be a bit more hopeful, after you read "The Conspiracy to End Cancer." (This is a link, but read it later.)

I certainly wasn't thrilled, nor was I very impressed by what I read.

Browsing the Internet to see if there were other reactions to the article, or other more major cancer news -- WHAM -- I bumped into -- a video --"YOU." 

Wow! After a startling scary, beginning, I met David Brownstein, a doctor with impressive credits, with strong straightforward advice -- specifics on how to avoid getting cancer.

You can look at the "YOU" video later. I was very interested in what he said -- somewhat irritated when Brownstein mentioned his free magazine, and newsletter, but I grabbed a pencil and started making notes. Brownstein stated there were "seven things to do" if you wanted to avoid getting cancer, and again, mentioned his magazine and newsletter that cost 15 cents a month.

Though I was hooked, as he talked about sugars, I couldn't' helping wondering if he was a quack, but I liked the way he explained why white rice, white bread, anything made with white flour was dangerous, and declared, "If you don't want to get cancer you need iodine"

As Brownstein spoke about it,there was another mention of the magazine, and the 15 cent newsletter. My quack bell was ringing. My husband's brother -- before his wife Jeanie died of colon cancer, frantically, desperately pursued the magic cures of the 1970's -- the apricot-pit extract Laetrile, that didn't save Jeanie's life.

But I didn't turn off the video. Balancing what I know from my doctor and what I've heard and read, I wanted to know the "seven things"  to avoid, and Brownstein also said there were five things you had to do to prevent cancer.

Brownstein clearly stated that you have to avoid obesity, smoking, drugs. excess sugar, white flour. refined oils, and refined carbohydrates. You can prevent cancer if you increase your intake of iodine; you need to eat unsweetened yogurt, goats milk or goats cheese, strawberries, cranberries, navy beans, potatoes (with their skin). and use grey salt or Himalayan salt.

I hit the off switch after watching "YOU" for 22 minutes. (it's a 32-minute video). I learned that I ought to eat potatoes and cranberries and find out more about How to get Iodine. (That's another link to look at later after you look at the "YOU" Video.)

Time told me that a cure for cancer hasn't been found yet, but the teams are working on it. (On Facebook, Time has 75,661 likes, and mentions it has 24 million readers per month.) The NewMax Website told me about Brownstein -- it's got 246.00 likes on FB; it's been booming in Florida since 1998; it's praised by conservatives like Jeb Bush, President Reagan's son Mike.

Trust the 28 teams? Trust Brownstein?    

The only thing I really trust is me. I count on myself not to go overboard on any opinions. just to keep gathering information and things I can do. realistically without messing up my life.

Click and read the Time article; click and listen to the YOU video (for about five minutes); visit the Iodine link. And figure out what makes sense to you.


Carola said...

I bet that with the sequester the progress towards finding cures for the various cancers has slowed.

Heather said...

Thanks for this blog Em, I totally agree with you. The body is a finely tuned instrument each one is different and I always find it's hard to believe that there is a quick fix for everyone. Some of the information you've mentioned here that Brownstein talked about such as reducing your sugar intake, fats, and carbos is good advice for all of us. I too, never jump on a 'bandwagon' without careful thought and advice from other experts and recent accredited research papers on the topic. Cancer and heart disease are killers and it's good to make people think about how they live their lives and feed their bodies unfortunately some people no matter what they do have overriding genetic predispositions. Great Blog, didn't listen to the videos this AM but I get Time Magazine so I'll read the article. Love and hugs, Heather xxxxooo

Linda Phillips said...

I don't have the patience to watch those videos. I am so tired of these claims that eating this or that will give me cancer.

A few weeks ago I spent $25 plus $5 for shipping for 12 (okay they did throw in an extra one as a gift) of GLUTEN FREE, SUGAR FREE bars. They were a sampler of flavors and one was more delicious than the next, but the price does not fit into my normal budget. If you are interested, they are called Quest Bars and can either be ordered on their website or purchased only at a GNC store.

I don't eat junk food. I am not at all sure if what I am eating is going to give me cancer. I am sure that there are things in my food that are not good for me, but I am not going to turn my diet upside down and inside out to give into the latest claims on what might kill me.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and great blog on cancer and cures. It is such an important issue especially today with all the harm we are doing to our planet earth. I try not to worry about what I consume. I am enjoying life and take each day at a time. With new technology we are getting closer to cures than before. Now, I think I will go have some chocolate and ice cream...... kam

Judy Schlosser said...

Have you read Suzanne Somers Book "Bombshell"? It's about the latest medical discoveries that are being used right now. One chapter is about Lifewave ( which I use. They are the latest nanotechnology for pain, antiaging, and more! Like acupuncture without needles.

Maureen Jacobs said...

Many folks will loathe what I say, however, I feel as though many forms of cures are there. I just don't think they are anywhere near affordable or perfected. Some folks think big pharma is holding back the cure due to huge profits on medications catered to the cancer stricken. I disagree. I just think the cures are so outrageously costly that no one, even Oprah, can afford it. I also feel that the cures, if they truly exist, come with too many variables. With cancer, I feel as though a cure is more stylized to the affected person themselves. I think it would actually need to be tailored to each person's DNA. A cure, possibly, not available in our lifetime.