Sunday, May 12, 2013


Who brings home the bacon?  It's John Cullum, who's become an expert shopper.

John, praising Em for being so busy, doesn't complain. He's proud of the fact that he knows where to buy food as well as household supplies in their neighborhood.

The Cullums are both delighted that they've found a way to keep their household running smoothly.


Unknown said...

You're both wearing purple! That's my favorite color and it looks great on BOTH of you!

You ought to do an ad for Trader Joe's! Sadly, (and I'm not sure WHY), we don't have one here in Jacksonville, but I have been to one a few times. We do have Whole Foods, which I think is more expensive, and some locally owned health food/organic stores, but I'd love to get a TJ's here!

Fun blog this week--and now I'm hungry! :)

Happy Mother's Day, Em!

Linda Phillips said...

I am a transplanted New Yorker who lives on The Central Coast of California. There were no Trader Joe's in NY when I moved out here, but I happen to live right near one right here. So I have had the Trader Joe experience now since 1996.

Everything you say about it is true, plus they also have excellent prices. Not a bad combination!

So glad that they are spreading all over the country now. We need places like Trader Joe's to bring us back some of the homey, warm feelings that are so severely lacking in most stores today!

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

I love Trader Joe's.

Here a tip for you to share. There is an app for iPhones and Android

I just down loaded and it looks like it will be of value!

#HappyMomsDay! #AwesomeTeam♥#Odycy☮:-)

Anonymous said...

Great blog on Trader Joe's store. Glad to hear about all the foods and great deals they have. my son lives near one and goes there every month and buys what he needs and says wonderful things about TJ's. Wish we had one close by us. John is a wonderful shopper and you both are great cooks so what more could you ask for? Thanks for sharing. kam

Anonymous said...

I've only shopped at Trader Joe's once because it was so far from me, but they've since opened one about 20 minutes away so I have no excuse. When I was there, I couldn't stop adding things to my cart! LOL You're right, they do have a 'health store' vibe! I can imagine how packed the ones in the city are with there only being a couple of locations. I worked in the city for 14 years and every Duane Reade I went into was packed and they were on every corner LOL I agree with another poster, Em, that you should do a spot for TJ's! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Maureen Jacobs said...

I find Mr. Cullum rather interesting. In a society where roles in marriage have blended, I still find it interesting when someone from a time of defined roles adapts to the current norm. If Mr. Cullum wants to shop for me, fantastic. But he also needs to cook for me as well.