Monday, July 1, 2013


Talk-talk, number-numbers, opinions-opinions -- lots of jabber about what -- about "creativity" as potentially money-making ideas.

I think it's hammering, squashing, crushing and compressing creativity.

I am convinced that the analysis of creativity, the defining of the creative process in "How To" textbooks -- the teaching of creativity in college classes is killing creativity.

KILLING  IT? Yep, like weed killer kills weeds -- the weeds grow but can't thrive.

Creative ideas are weeds. They crowd out what is deemed helpful, important and attractive  (as in "nice to look at").  Weeds crowd-out pretty flowers, so of course we kill the weeds.

In April, at the Creativity Conference of  2013 -- sponsored by Time, Microsoft, and the Motion Picture Association of America, to discuss creativity's role in academics, the workplace, its potential as a force for good around the world -- the guest speaker, Bill Clinton, who always (almost always) has constructive ideas to contribute, made a 45 minute speech, during which he talked about the importance of creativity for mankind, America, and our economy.

Oh yes indeed, he got applause for being Bill, the brilliant, articulate but relaxed idea man who gathers facts, factors, and invariably presents a plan of action.

Click this link -- there was no plan -- but you'll hear Bill rambling, telling the audience that creativity was great.

Hey, it is! Creativity is in all of us, but how to sense it, wake it up, get oneself  creating --  that's what's important. It's THERE -- but you've got to listen to the murmurs and whispers inside you  -- pay attention to how you feel when you wake, eat, start working but aren't yet working, just getting ready to focus.

There is a voice, a sense, an intuition. It ho-hums, hisses, even yells -- more often, in a childlike tone, says, wish I could do this -- wouldn't it be interesting to do that... why don't I just do it 

Hear that voice, try whatever it is -- laughing, dare-deviling, or disobediently ignoring everything else that you're set to do. Just do. Do whatever you can do to let the thought grow.  

You've got to be courageous if something creative visits your mind.

Here's "Why Man Creates" -- an award winning 25 minute documentary.  Even if you don't have time right now, take a look. I have to admit I don't really understand it, but somehow it's conveying what I feel and KNOW about creativity.      


Peggy Bechko said...

It's fascinating to ponder creativity - especially when we utilize that creativity for so many things in our lives beyond the 'arts'. NIce post, Em.

Unknown said...

You're SO right here, Em! The best advice on being creative is just DO something! There are MANY things to stop us from creating, (mainly fear), but we just have to push through and free the creativity trapped within us. Great post! <3

Anonymous said...

That video was very thought provoking! Reminds me of the 70's when creativity and self-expression seemed to be nurtured and valued more than today. I will continue to push myself and just DO, Em!

Linda Phillips said...

I so agree with you Em. Creativity is a natural process that dwells within us. Some people have an abundance of it, while some are not as in touch with their own inner creative selves or just are not all that creative. Those who are feel it from within and express it much more freely.

Yes, it needs to be nurtured. Often praise from others will encourage a person to expand their abilities as creators. Certainly some forms of training will set the creative process into motion and it may very well snowball once it has been recognized and tapped.

Be open! Let it flow! Bravo to creativity!

Dustspeck said...

Weeds often mimic flowers. They seem to have certain powers. Yes they do. I'm sure of that. Catnip for every cat.

Poems shouldn't have disclaimers attached which is why most get burned, down the hatch.

Dustspeck said...

Here's an edited version of that last entry Em. I hit the enter key too quickly sometimes. I'm not a machine and I don't always operate them correctly either.

Weeds often mimic flowers. They seem to have certain powers. Yes they do. I’m sure of that; Catnip for every cat.
Poems shouldn't have disclaimers attached; which is why, most get burned, down the hatch.

Anonymous said...

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