Monday, July 15, 2013


 New things for one's home or office are always time-consuming to shop for and install, When the display on Emily's computer monitor, a 24-inch, old-
fashioned, huge Sony Trinitron, suddenly turned dark pink, John and Em were forced to learn in one day, all they could about monitors.

Describing how they ended up ordering and returning wrong size-wide screen monitors, and the help they needed in installing it, Em suggests that Amazon is not only underpricing everything, "They're taking over the world."


Poet_Carl_Watts said...

New electronics can be a challenge :-)

I got a new computer last week on Tuesday. I believe yesterday after about 24 hours of work, it's up and fully running :-)

But at first I was getting very annoyed.

Anyway, I had my old computer still up and running so I didn't lose a lot of on line time other than the hours I spent setting up the new one :-)

Carola said...

Amazon certainly is the go-to place for so very many things. If you can't find it in the store, you can still find it on Amazon. However I always go to Best Buy for computers and such (even if their prices are a little higher) because they have good sales-people who can explain things to you and help you pick out exactly what you need. So I want to keep them alive in our small city.

Linda Phillips said...

I buy EVERYTHING on Amazon....from allergy pills to Laptops. Agree, they have taken over the world, but I am so grateful that they have.

If I were looking for a major purchase, I would go there first and read all of the reviews on all of the possible choices. You can learn so much that way.

Once I honed in on my selections, I would do a search on any and every website that carries or discusses this item.

By the time I had done my research, I would hopefully know all of the ins and outs of this item and then find the best possible deal (not necessarily on Amazon, but probably so).

I have way too much trouble with heavy items and very limited help, should I need it.

But I can well understand your necessity to get a replacement ASAP.

So glad to see you back online again! YAY!!!!



Anonymous said...

Funny story. Love your tenacity and perseverance. I was cussing myself when attempting to pull out my new flat-screen monitor out of the box that seemed to have been poured around the monitor with nary a space in between, while not damaging the box in case it had to be used again for shipping back the merchandise if faulty or unsatisfactory. Bless you both. Hope you're withstanding this heatwave in a cool fashion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to go through that hassle!! I personally don't care for the new wide-screen format but everything is made that way now (monitors and televisions). I switched from Windows to a Mac and was so lost the first week, I thought I had made a huge mistake. Now, I will never go back to Windows. I hope you got the hang of the new equipment and that you are able to continue writing and sharing with all of us Em! :D

Unknown said...

GREAT story, Em & John! I'm glad you muddled through until you got what you wanted!

I replaced my computer a few months back--and had to learn Windows 8--so I can relate to your story. Sometimes there's a bit of a learning curve with new equipment.

Anyway, I'm glad you're all set up now. (AND I think I'M almost caught up! :) )