Saturday, July 27, 2013


Emily complains about her typos, and errors, and explains that everything she writes is proof-read by Fran Weil, and usually, also, read by John.

Em says, "You are a mean proofreader, John. Why are you such a stickler?"

John explains that he is constantly reading scripts for new projects and slowly, carefully reads every word. Together the Cullums calculate -- guesstimate --how many scripts John has read in the course of his career.


Carola said...

I'm with John. I can't stand to see errors or misconstructed sentences, etc. That's because my profession was writing (writing computer documentation and grant guidelines). I got trained to write well because of someone else's extremely tough editing, and became a tough editor myself as I became senior in my profession. It always helps to edit in green ink, NEVER in red ink.

Unknown said...

Being a stickler is NOT being "mean." :) I know I don't want my mistakes let loose on the world, so whoever and whatever it takes to catch them--GOOD!!! I had a wonderful college professor years ago who warned us, before returning our first papers, that they'd "look like they're bleeding," because of so many red marks, but these marks are meant to HELP us, not criticize. You're lucky to have John as an extra set of eyes on your writing!

As you may or may not have noticed, I'm a HUGE fan of both commas and ellipses, and love to sprinkle them through my writing!

I've got a bit of time to be online today, Em, so I'll read/watch as many of your posts as I can. I miss you too!!!