Sunday, July 7, 2013


Em wants to know how John Cullum enjoys doing "book in hand" performances.

John explains that the hard part of the job is preparing the script.

He describes what he has to do -- how he re-formats the script so that he can do the blocking and choreography,  with his eyes off the book -- focused on the dramatic issue.


Unknown said...

For John, we love it when you express an opinion that is truth to you, don't worry about it!
* * *
Em and John, sassy me says strictly an "off-book" kind of person here. But of course, I've never even been close enough to "sniff" Broadway. A lil dinner theatre in my youth.

So "staged readings" for me is an alien concept, we used to call them "rehearsals", I think.

The only other "staged readings" I have ever been familiar with is a group (most of them retired and seniors) here used to go to the elderly living facilities and read a play to the residents in the manner you have described.

You and John are so correct about "losing a place" and/or "missing some lines".

Blessings and love from your friend ~ Kaye

Carola said...

I couldn't possibly walk around while reading from a book. I would fall over myself within 5 minutes.

Linda Phillips said...

On or off the book, John Cullum is one amazing actor!

I was last treated to seeing John in the Live from Lincoln Center concert version of "Carousel" and he was wonderful as always. That performance was "off the book" and John was heavenly as the Star Catcher.

I'll take John's performances any way I can get them!

Michael Blevins said...

Nice job! Thanks you two! Hope you had a wonderful 4th!!

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

I like that you keep it light and entertaining :-)

Anonymous said...

This was one of John's best, off-the-cuff explanations to one of your "Hit me with your best shot" questions, Em. I thoroughly enjoyed your husband's candor. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully informative blog! John is such a star and so talented. It was fun listening to him talk about how things really are in the performing arts. I would trip and fall if I had to hold a book in hand and perform. Thanks for sharing this important issue with us. kam

Unknown said...

This is just fascinating! I love it when the conversation between the two of you just takes off. I learn interesting things from each video! Keep up the WONDERFUL work, BOTH of you!

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed. Although I am no actress or will ever be. I am not the best writer or ever will be. My point is you were totally honest about something at the very end of this video> yes, I think it is good to tell it like it is. Sounds like you know a lot but in some cases you were took advantage of. You and Em were born in a era where things were very different, I understand it makes us wonder no matter what age you are in life, I believe people should be chosen to be in a movie or play or whatever as long as you have experience and your good at acting.
Okay, I was side tracked in my comment, you have some good advice and things I had never heard of before, book in hand is a new one to me. John you and Em make a good team, love your advice and how you all come up with new things to talk about. I wish you two the best and always good health in life. You two love each other so much, so easy to see and watch each time you all are together. I know I blab a lot and go on and on. I think you two are awesome. Book in hand is a hard task. Thanks for sharing.