Friday, August 2, 2013


Hackers, according to what I've read in reliable places, are smart guys who figure out how to get into anything and everything that's private..

In a recent Time Magazine, I read that the # 1 smartest-of-smart social-networking guys have formed a group to do unto others what others have been doing unto them.

Oh no! Well ... probably YES -- they're H A C K I N G.  

Sean Parker, 33 former head of FB, founder of Napster, Ron Conway, 62, money man, investor, Mark Zuckerberg 29, FB kingpin, Joe Green, 29, Zuck's former roommate who's a super publicist, Ro Khanna, 36, Silicon Valley lawyer who is trying to unseat Google's founder, Larry Page -- those are the main guys in,

These wonderfully rich, smart, billionaires are planning to control what happens in D.C. by using lobbyists -- buying  them, involving, employing them the way big name corporation have been  doing for years.

Hey, maybe we should be pleased that the smartest of smart guys are hacking the hackers who control DC. is working on immigration reform -- they want to be able to employ the genius, super smart guys from other parts of the world, who currently can't work here. Also, with the help of Engine Advocacy, a group that's linked in with hundreds of online Websites, is working on legislators -- Senators and Congressmen -- they are determined to control all legislation that affects the Internet.

Joe Green (Zuck's former roommate, who helped him evolve Facebook), said, "What we are doing can have enormous power and control of what's online, and we will use our connections to control political debate."

Wow -- this sounds like Romney -- they are looking into the near and distant future -- the days when they can maybe buy the presidency, as well as run the government.

Oh no! Well ...  maybe YES.

They have the brains, brawn, and appetite. Why couldn't they become as powerful as GE, NRA, or the Oil lobby?

I can't help wondering if the super hackers are going to make life better for you and me --we the people.


Linda Phillips said...

Excellent question Em and a bit scary. I am a bit apprehensive about this news.

Carola said...

The immigration issue they are working on is a thorny one: We really need those workers but there are excellent unemployed workers in this country whose skills are obsolete and just need some training, and we may be causing a brain drain in other countries. I'm on all three sides of this one.

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Hmmm... All I know is that I've got a whole whack of fans in China who wanna read my blog but can't access it 'cause of THEIR government. Now, if they could help me out with that...


Louise Sorensen said...

That's exactly what I was thinking as I was reading your article, Em.
"Are the super hackers going to make it better for you and me-- we the people."
Only it won't be only "We the people of the United States of America"any more, it will be "We the people of Earth, united as one by the world wide web."
What is the exact reason for our problems on earth?
1) Humans can't get along with each other,
2) There are too many of us,
3) We're using up fossil fuel, we have no substitute for it, and if we don't run out of it, pollution is going to make us all very sick and global warming caused by too much carbon dioxide (from burning said fossil fuels)in the air is going to finish the job.
I foresee the next dominate race of creatures on earth to be of insect origin.
So, Super hackers. Just another power hungry player in the fight.
Absolute power.
Corrupts absolutely.
It might be time to put on the aluminum foil hats and live out of a shopping cart.
louise3anne twitter
Louise Sorensen

Anonymous said...

Em, I agree with Linda Phillips, 'excellent question'! My guess is that all of these individuals are tied to Corporations that have no real regulations or restrictions that are meaningful in this fast growing internet communications. This tells me that whatever makes them profit will motivate them and there is no interest in the ramifications or interests of the people they serve on the internet. Hugs, H. xxxxooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Em, thanks for leaving me your message on Twitter. Interesting story. I gotta tell you all of this pales in comparison to the mass extinction event going on right now at Fukushima and beyond. The MSM is totally quiet about all this.
'You Won't BELIEVE What's Going On at Fukushima Right Now'

Unknown said...

Scary stuff, but I wonder...

The US government is already pretty much bought and paid for, so I don't guess it will hurt anything to have new players in the game.

And it might even help.