Saturday, August 10, 2013


Em gets John's view of Hal Prince as a friend, and producer and director.

John describes how Hal directed him in the award wining musical, "On the Twentieth Century." It was a collaboration -- producer Hal sensed what to say to him that inspired him  creatively. 

Summing it up, John declares it's a unique talent that Hal has that affects everyone who's involved in creating a show -- writers, lighting, costume, and set designers, as well as all the actors.  

John feels he and Hal are real friends, based on what they have shared and may share again, perhaps in Hal's next project.


Linda Phillips said...

To me Hal Prince has always personified Broadway musicals. So I truly enjoyed hearing what John had to say about him.

John Cullum has no sense of humor???????? Are we talking about the same John Cullum who did this video??????

Carola said...

I see from Wikipedia that he produced the Broadway version of West Side Story. What a great musical. It inspired me when I was 12, and I can remember it in detail to this day.

Dustspeck said...

It sounds like Mr. Prince doesn't like to do it by the book if he doesn't have to but he does in fact know the book cover to cover.