Sunday, December 8, 2013


Em recalls John's fantastical obsession with the pigeon who chose our bedroom window for their home.

How John handled the noise with creative efforts, and help from a stagehand, still amazes Em but reminds him of all the things he tried that never worked.


Pete in Montana said...

You think Pigeons are annoying? Well, in the warmer months of the year we have a big Woodpecker that likes to peck on the house at around 6:00 AM. It sounds like a small jack hammer and echoes through the bedroom. I usually go outside and scare it away, but that lasts for about 5 minutes, then he's back at it.

Unknown said...

Cute and funny blog! I'm glad you FINALLY got the pigeons to go away! One of my daughters has had problems with falcons nesting in the eaves of her building (she lived on the eighth floor, only a few down from the top). They drove her cats CRAZY! :) Some of the houses in the neighborhood I used to live in in Kansas City had BATS, but thank goodness I never did!

Hope you're having a good week. <3

Unknown said...

Emily, enjoyed you & John together. You guy's share a great chemistry.