Sunday, February 23, 2014


Em and John, because of tech problems, start this video, stop the video, then start it again, and again.

They're pondering why all the latest newest things seem impossibly difficult for them to master  -- especially, after years of using a trackball mouse, using "touch" input.makes Em feel out of date.

John tries, but feeling obsolescent himself, can't comfort her.

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Pete in Montana said...

Every time some new device comes out or a website like You Tube changes how you find things, I get tired of having to learn about it. After a while, though, I get used to it and actually like it. The one thing I don't bother with is social networking sites like Face Book. Call me a dinosaur, but I don't want just anybody having access to my personal information. My wife has all my personal information and that's good enough for me. See Ya.