Monday, September 1, 2014


I am not a member of a Robert Redford fan club, but this video has fascinated me ever since I saw it in Time Magazine, when the magazine selected Redford as one of  "The 100 Most Influential People"

Today, I planned to publish my blog about global warming, but with all the latest, seriously bad news -- ISIS, beheaded reporter, Israel, Gaza, Putin, Ukraine, Syria ... no.

Hey, Redford, what he's done, and still doing for our country -- his positive energy -- this man's voice is what I want to hear today.

I have written about him and explained why he impresses me --click

Here's what Robert Redford said about himself.


Carola said...

I have always liked him.

Linda Phillips said...

I have the highest regard for Robert Redford. He's done it all. He was an environmental activist long before it became fashionable to be one.

He has done so many good things and yes, he was, and hopefully still is a wonderful actor.

Cara Lopez Lee said...

Such a down-to-earth guy who reminds us of the value of living with a sense of purpose. I love what he says in this video. Many Sundance films are among my favorite movies.