Saturday, January 24, 2015


Warning -- beware of  DELIGHT!

Yes, delight.

We are heading into delight -- yes -- we are going to be told, over and over, in catchy, interesting, seductive ways, to buy clothes, music, trips, foods, all kinds of drinks -- just about anything you buy -- will delight you.

And of course, DELIGHT will be echoed in our social media relationships.

I learned this from New York Magazine. The magazine is a prognosticator. They see where we are heading. Dealing with ad agencies, advertisers, and subscribers, they grab onto a possible trend, and feed it, fan it. With more ads, they turn a flicker into a spark that ignites, illuminates, and creates a tepid sort of excitement; a tepid curiosity that attracts people, products, and their promoters, and promulgates a full-blooming trend.

Why am I complaining? Why does any of this matter?

Because it makes me intensely aware that moneymakers are turning me into an angry, complaining, non-conformist, who dislikes hundreds of normal things that other people have learned to like or love.

Am I a misanthrope? No. I am just NOT delighted when I notice delight moving in on me.

I don't want anybody in the TV or media or business world selling me, telling me what to think and feel.


Carola said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for years but I think the advertisers were more subtle back then. With Facebook, it is so, well, in your face! If you Google something, all of your Facebook ads will be about the thing you just looked up. So there it is, over and over, in your face, every time you go online, and after a while, you feel that you NEED it. It is becoming more difficult to draw that line. Great post Em :)

Unknown said...

Em, Most people don't like to feel they're being manipulated and wisely resist. Awesome, everything was 'awesome' until my teeth ached when I heard it describe everything. Don't you think that this has always existed in every generation? The NEW YORK magazine have the best and the brightest writers and thinkers and they do make a difference for those that read it online/subscribe. Why don't we make up other words we like better to off set the sheep that are easily manipulated? What word should we use instead? Love and hugs, H.xxxxooo