Thursday, February 26, 2015


An enormous crowd was on its feet cheering, waving, shouting, taking pictures.

The shouting, gyrating, jumping, wriggling, prancing performers -- the huge, ever-louder amplification -- amazing beams of lights, stunning visual effects -- when you look at your cell phone photo, is the sense of it, the feel of it there?

When you take a photo of a moment that moves you -- a picture of your kid, friends, yourself in your favorite outfit, a sunrise or sunset, pictures of the pictures that you see on your television, what you've got is pixels forever reminding you that what was (when you saw it) WAS INTENSELY REAL

I have a 2 ft by 4 ft box of photos -- snapshots of our son at various stages, friends, relatives, informal and professional pictures of us taken by famous photographers. I need a tall ladder to get to the box, and my husband would have to lift the heavy box off the ladder and put it on the floor. Then, I could look at a few photos -- there are too many -- a day, an hour of looking, or two days -- a few hours of looking at old photos would wear me out.

How many photos do you have? When -- how often --do you re-see and re-feel them?

The greedy billionaire phone manufacturer guys have given us a way to look at life through our photos -- a wonderful way to grab a feeling, pause it, freeze it, retain a millisecond of what thrilled-excited-delighted us.

I think the photos distance you from the feeling, the experience. Yes, it's in the memory of your phone that you can hold in your hand. But the ecstasy of the moment is gone.

It's a birds' eye view.
I don't want a birds' eye view of my life.


Carola said...

I never take photos while traveling because I don't want to get in the way of the experience. My husband is always looking for photo opportunities, and it seems to me that must interfere with his experience. That said, however, all my husband's photos now help me remember the details of trips that I have long forgotten. I am glad to have all those photos.

Unknown said...

It's a strange coincidence, but a few days ago I looked back at three years of photos on my phone, deleting about 80%, as I knew I'd never look at them again.

Dustspeck said...

I save pictures to flash drives and take bunches of them that nobody ever sees besides me. If I get really bored, I might go back through them to see how I used to arrange my furniture. That reminds me of Carol Baker chasing that furniture truck down the road in the Kazan film, (Baby Doll), for some reason? "My foenochur, my foenochur!" Sorry 'bout that; ah...not really.