Saturday, April 18, 2015


John Cullum and Emily Frankel discuss their differences, areas where their different backgrounds clash.

John, mentioning specifics, feels their incompatibilities make them more compatible.


Cara said...

You two are so sweet together! I get it. My husband and I are opposites in many ways. I like dancing, he doesn't. I'm ambitious, he's not. But it works perfectly because he doesn't mind if I go dancing without him and he supports my goals. We both love movies and hiking. So we sit on the couch together looking in the same direction, and walk together on the same paths. The most important thing is that our values are compatible and we're both well informed, so we're always in the middle of a lifelong conversation that never gets dull.

Stan said...

Great show...thanks so much

Dustspeck said...

Neil was right. Love is real; not just an instrument for constructing plays and fairytales. It is something that; as they say, (You can't put yer finger on). If we knew why we fit with someone else, that'd take half the fun out of it. For believers and non-believers alike: Don't forget to lift your heads, even if yer down. Sometimes all it takes is just to see a special face, like the kind you see in dreams but then you realize that those come true.