Saturday, May 30, 2015


Everywhere you look, there's YOU in a mirror.

Aside from the mirrors on the walls of your home, every window in your house is a mirror. Same thing on the streets -- glass store fronts, and glass windows reflect your image. Hey, like most women, I have a mirror in my handbag.

We peep at mirrors to make sure we are ... what? Okay? Neat looking? To ascertain if there's anything weirdo, odd ball, wrong with our face, hair, neck, or what we are wearing?

Animals seem to enjoy looking in the mirror. They seem to know what they need, or feel.
Do we enjoy looking in the mirror? Do we check ourselves in the mirror to verify what we need or feel?


Mirrors tell me every day what I look like now. Now gets me comparing myself with yesterday, and emphasizes what I don't want to see -- lines, crinkles, wrinkles, messy strands of hair, or hair that isn't there, where it used to be. Also posture, that suggests I'm tired, and that says I am not young.

So many things -- too many things you see, read, hear get you checking and studying yourself, evaluating your assets and prowess.  Checking on oneself is an obsession, not just in females, males have this obsession too.

Count -- note -- how many times a day you look in mirrors? Try cutting it down, doing it less.  If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. If it's life and death important and you fear that you might have spinach on a tooth, smudged lipstick, you need a shave -- hey -- pop into any sandwich shop. Check yourself in a paper napkin dispenser, or in a knife, teaspoon, or tablespoon mirror.

Mirror mirror on the wall.
I need not see of myself at all.
Throughout my day you put a pall.
That makes me into a vain and small,

Guys, try a day without a mirror. Go cold turkey.
It's a relief not to see, but just to be who you are.

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Carola said...

I don't look in mirrors nearly as often as I used to. Just too busy doing other things, and don't care as much how I look.