Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Spur of the moment, capricious, reckless doings by John Cullum and Emily Frankel -- that's what the Cullums do when the weather is lovely.

Even when disaster looms and Em is scared, she KNOWS John will handle it,  and get them safely back home.


Stan said...

Great show Em and the memories.

Dustspeck said...

You said it was sand that you were stuck in; beach, logging road, mountain trail? Sorry too hear about the fire and the cause of it. People react in violent ways often, it would seem. Sometimes they don't even remember that they did, like in some hit and run incidents. That John steps in to save the day at times like those is only natural. He is a Natural, not unlike Robert Redford or his movie character, (The Natural), a homerun hitter. Call 'em as ya see 'em Blue! Just Sane