Tuesday, June 23, 2015


She's been there, done that, done it all. She's 58. At age 27, right after she got her bachelor's degree, she ballooned into being a real reporter. I'd probably fill three pages if I listed where Katie Couric worked, succeeded, and won (golly a lot of awards), maybe all of the awards that are being given to news anchors.

What's made her so famous?

I think it's her presence -- lovable smile, loving lovable face, the sense she gives us of being utterly honest, fearless about saying what she feels. She's even fearless about how she looks -- she takes chances with her clothes, her makeup, and her hair, even when the results are not flattering.

Katie Couric has been present at many, many major events. When we say her name or see it in print, an image of her comes to the mind.

Even so, her fame doesn't put her where Barbara Walters is, was, still remains. Walters was a MOST ... something ... most famous, powerful, important, spokesperson. Barbara's opinion, even today with her retired, matters.

Katie? Well, you feel that you could reach her. You don't feel that way about Barbara Walters, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Catherine who married Prince William, or Queen Elizabeth. Is it their hauteur? Or the fact that they are so very well known?

I feel that Katie C could go anywhere and fit in -- she's not a woman with a crown, not above us like a queen. Despite Couric's fame and talents, she always seems to be just a person, one of us. Though Katie C is making $6 million a year right now, doing what she's doing for Yahoo.com, and she made $15 million as the anchor on CBS, she is a regular guy.

If I say I like her, the word has a different meaning from the social media LIKE that would-be famous folks and products ask you to click.

The fact is, I respect and cherish some of the opinions, and ideas Couric has put into the world -- important ideas continue to resonate. Yes,  I really, truly LIKE KATIE COURIC.

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