Thursday, January 28, 2016


John Cullum and wife Emily Frankel are mulling over possible projects.

Downstairs in our two-story loft home, there's a small theater where we've worked on plays, play readings, dance concerts -- weekend performances.

Should they redo Emily's play, "Shattering Panes?" Do a reading of "Gin Game?" What about a play for all three Cullums -- John, Em, and son JD?


Stan said...

I think if you both would do some kind of interpretive dance or flash play to Pink Floyd's "The Wall." That would be too cool.

AI Decisions said...

Of course you should you only live once, and you have the equipment would be great. Just record it so we can enjoy it too. Take care..

Michael Blevins said...

Yes, go for it! I'd love to see it! Hope you are well and hello to John and JD!!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! John, I think you should certainly do a one man show, talking about your works and also about your wonderful wife Emily. Perhaps a 2 part show! I for one would offer any help you need!

All the best