Tuesday, March 22, 2016


What's special about any flashlight?  Usually two new D batteries, and a strong little bulb.

Emily holds up a flashlight.

Shining it on John like a spotlight, she reminds him how he created it for her, turned a store-bought flashlight into an amazing night light.


Stan said...

Loved your vlog. Mr. Callum is quite the handy-man. I wonder if he might come to Indiana and work on my stubborn keyboard....LOL

Kevin Phillips said...

Don't mess with Emily, she is a tough woman :)

These videos are always entertaining. With so much rubbish on the internet and on television these days, that don't even pass as entertainment, yet people sit there glued to them in a trance, tuning into A.I.R once a week is a refreshing blessing and highly enjoyable always.

Thank you Emily and John.

Best wishes