Friday, October 28, 2016


I can't talk about the election, it’s too upsetting...

...gotta talk about it....

With election in the very final stretch, the prospect of a Trump victory is a nightmare. Hillary's crooked -- she lies -- she ought to be jailed is a nightmare. Percentages and polls keep changing -- can they be believed? Are the poll guys, (like TV channels), shaping them because their money-making potential keeps increasing if they keep us tuning in? Up and down we go, watching, hoping, praying, sometimes scared, sometimes relieved, sad, happy, exhilarated that Trump's insulted, shocked, alienated more people.

Logic sets in -- an inner chant -- HE CAN'T WIN, HE WON'T WIN echoing strong opinions of trustworthy guys. Even so, insomnia, stomach-ache, depression sets in.

Dumb-dumb flashes of bad thoughts invade: If he's elected would he, will he, won't he and re-elected Republicans proceed to destroy social security, and government support of many, many essential things? Cause civil war, cause World War III? Create utter chaos?


Oh no!!!

Oh YES!!!!!
Trump voters inhabit a reality where my BAD is their GOOD. Even if Clinton wins, they'll respond with violence...
NO!! YES!! of the country exploding into street protests, guns,  killings -- she didn't win, she bought the election, the election was stolen and President-almost-President Trump will prove he's the best-wisest-most successful-powerful guy in the world because he SAYS HE IS THE PRESIDENT.

...Golly gee Moses-Allah-Jesus, thinking about the election and trying not to think about the election seriously affects my health....  


Gary Alan Henson said...

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly, Em. It's going to be fine.
The President is not a dictator or an emperor. He/She's there to guide policy, nothing more.
Our choices are poor at best this time, I agree. Both parties and the media circus clowns did a horrible job with the debates.
Trump rose because he'a demagogue, spewing hateful rhetoric and avoiding any concrete policy action.
Hillary has too much baggage to be a plausible candidate.
Be calm, though.
WE, you and I, are the United States, not either of those two. You and I and all the other citizens of the US are what shape and define America.
Keep doing the right thing, day in and day out and America will prosper despite our leadership's flaws.
Be cool, Em, be cool. ;-)

Unknown said...


kitjoegia said...

Yes Emily even in Australia we are extremely interested in the US election.It would be such an error if Trump were elected.Only a few of our Political Officials will give their views on the subject just in case a Trump presidency becomes a reality.

Maryannwrites said...

I agree with Gary, Em, this is a time for lots of deep breathing. I share your concerns for what might happen next week, but focusing on other things helps, and I don't watch the news. Hang in there.