Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Talking about one's wishes is an easy, fun topic. But John Cullum surprises his wife, Emily Frankel.

He is apparently not in the mood. Their discussion becomes an argument that she tries to smooth over but can't smooth over. Can they resolve it?


Magic Mentha said...

💕🤣👍🏼 I love it. Sometimes it's rewarding when things don't go as you think they will!

Dustspeck said...

Precious, as usual: Oh great. I'm out of frozen waffles. I wish that I was at the grocery store right now. Just kidding Lord. Pancakes are cooking at Heaven's side door; I hear my mom making up a batch for down the hatch. They smell so good that I want some more before I've even had one. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for that day. It's hard to wish for anything more than that; hohum. I wouldn't want to mess up the one wish I have that matters the most. Please help me to remember, Oh Holy Ghost, when the time is right and I roll out of this. Who needs a pancake! I just want a kiss.