Sunday, August 13, 2017


Wish you could temporarily disappear from your present world and see a whole different EVERYTHING?

I'd love to be here!!!!!!

'Taint a fantasy -- I saw the photo in a magazine touting super vacations. You can rent this room for $250. You get breakfast in bed served by a butler. You get a 360 degree view of the alps, the true sense of nature, freedom, space.

Hey, is it something to consider? Switzerland’s tourist season peaks during the months of July and August, when the weather is most pleasant. You'd probably need to book an accommodation months ago -- Switzerland’s hostels, hotels, and inns fill up quickly in the summer. But, if you'd like to explore the alpine nation with less shoulder-rubbing, September and October are ideal -- less crowded and the weather remains agreeable, or try next April, or May.

Laugh this away, realizing -- it's impossible -- you're too busy -- you don't really need a vacation. Or put this vision in the corner of your mind, visit it, and dare to dig into it, and find out if it's something you could really do.

WOW!!!!! With all the grim dark things in the news today, wouldn't it be lovely to wake up in this  room tomorrow morning.


Carola said...

We had a friend who toured the Alps by herself in her 60s. She used gondolas and skilifts to cross the Alps from the French part of Switzerland all the way to Italy.

Arvel Mauldin said...

it would certainly be lovely

Shar said...

Fabulous!! I can offer a slightly less dramatic alternative a bit closer to home - camping on Orcas Island in Washington State! But there is something to be said for getting out of the country for a little while.

Unknown said...

WOW ... no tent or nothing huh? .... It would be something to talk about once ya get home! Thanks as always for sharing great stuff like this y'all

Unknown said...

Adjust according to situation no problem at all.