Saturday, September 2, 2017


Expressing your opinion nowadays, can be very tricky, very upsetting.

John Cullum and wife Emily Frankel have different ideas about this. Is it better to express your opinions loud and clear, or should you be quietly careful, and avoid getting into serious arguments?
Is the way the Cullums handle this relate to the way YOU speak your mind these days?


malletkatmandu said...

I'm somewhere in the middle: sometimes I speak my mind without forethought and speak from my heart and gut; other times I take a bet and a breath and gather my thoughts, think about how what I say might affect others, and give a more considered, measured response.

Unknown said...

I always speak in my mind so as to come up with very clear thoughts. I think most of people do this. By: Jay Jay Nationalist, @JayJayN7 (Twitter).

Michael blevins said...

Love it! Thanks Emily and John!