Thursday, October 12, 2017


Each year around this time, I remind you to stand tall. I have not been standing tall, probably ever since the 2016 election -- discouragement about what's happening in the country and the world. I figure you, for similar reasons aren't standing tall either.
If you are slumped over, or dumpy looking, you can read what I've said about this in some of my older blogs  --"SSS"  (Sit, Stand, Straight), or "Promenade." (I'm not encouraging you to click the links; read if you've got lousy posture.)

My current routine: every morning around 6:50 A.M. I carry my tall cup of coffee and bagel downstairs and march into my office-dance-studio-theater, striding with long, strong bold steps. Looking straight ahead and beyond so that my head is high, I cross the 40 foot floor, hear my sneakers squeak, dismissing my do-this- do-that morning thoughts.

If "stand up straight" worked like a mantra, I'd be fine -- perky, zesty, attractive looking. Alas, commanding myself like a boss, director, choreographer, doesn't work as well as it used to -- because I'm getting older as well as wiser.

Guys, when you stand tall, you like yourself. It's more important than how young you look, and vanity concerns such as weight, diction, hair style, makeup, and what you're wearing. Liking yourself is an inner thing of pride and confidence. When you LIKE yourself, you think more clearly and accomplish more -- you do whatever you are doing better, more efficiently, more skillfully, accurately, thoroughly.

If you don't like yourself for whatever reasons -- poor sleep, bad personal or world news -- standing tall you will get you liking yourself.

How to stand tall:

Be a toothpaste tube.  

Squeeze yourself in the middle -- front, back, sides, all around. While you're squeezing count ten chimpanzees -- "one chimpanzee -- two, three," etc.

That's it. If you want to do more, toothpaste tube yourself three times a day.

And three times a day, go to a wall.

 Stand against it...

...your heels...

...back of legs...

...your waist,

...your upper back,

...your shoulders,

And count ten chimpanzees. Articulate the word; if you check it on your watch, saying the 'chimpanzee' takes about a second.

What gets in the way of standing tall is the fact that most of the day, you are sitting. Therefore, try doing this three times a day. 

Perhaps, each time you are thinking of getting a snack, you could go stand against the wall and do this exercise. Doing the wall four to six times a day will make a difference, or counting twenty chimpanzees, but guys, it gets boring.

I say don't do your exercise more-so, bigger, or better. I say don't discuss this with your loved ones. Excessive loving encouragement can wear down the private, secret, wonderful inner-winner thing of standing tall.

Just STAND TALL and enjoy the way you feel.


Carola said...

Good post. Always a good reminder.

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