Friday, November 17, 2017


What do I want to say...?

I'm not sure.

I doodled this spur of the moment.

Occasionally, when I'm not sure what's on my mind, doodling helps me, reminds me of this-and-that, a bunch of things... yes, there seems to be a mish-mash of things, growing things in a sort of bouquet.

 Our son JD's in a play in LA; he's got a new project, a lovely girl friend -- that he's okay, doing well, better than ever is definitely one of my blessings.

My husband's in a show on a schedule that gets him home late while I'm working on things that get me up early, but that's a blessing -- that we're busy, committed to work, able to do things that we enjoy doing.

Our home-sweet-home -- every morning when I wake up and cross the bright green floor and see garden furniture, plants, and light pouring in from the skylight -- that's a blessing.

Okay, there are other things -- it's lucky, wonderful, a lifetime blessing that my husband's talent made us enough money to live safely and well.

Big biggest blessing -- we have each other and cherish each other.

Hey, spur of the moment, click -- enjoy my video.  


Carola said...

As I get older I am more aware of mortality, and it makes me way more appreciative of my husband every day.

Hannah S-Q said...

I love your doodle and your expression of your blessings. I need to do the same this week! Much Love,Hannah

Unknown said...

I hope, and know, you realize how blessed you truly are. So many have so much less than you and me, with very little hope for a better tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your blessings with us Ms. Frankel. Family, music & wonderful friends (both in person & on-line) are among many of the blessings I have. I look forward to hearing more about John Cullum & DJ's plays in a future blog.

The Peacock said...

Em, a doodle, Do!