Sunday, December 3, 2017


"What are your favorite cussing words," Emily asks her husband, John Cullum.

The Cullums have fun with the topic, as they reveal why & when they use curse words, and which words they find themselves using.


Unknown said...

"People who curse have a lack of imagination." When something goes wrong, I spit out my favorite. It is simply, "Bugs!" (with much emphasis). Or, "Oh Shaw" if I'm disappointed- from my Grandmother. I could keep up with the infamous drunken sailor should I choose to do so, but how would spuming out such foul obscene words help the situation? I don't see either of you using bad words. They're not in your vocabulary; you're much more sophisticated than that. And yes, Emily, I knew you intend to work until they carry you away, just like I intend to do. --Happy Days!

Diane Overcash said...

Now I am compelled to read King Lear. lol

Terry Gibson said...

You two are hilarious! Oh pooh! I don't know how eloquent Shakespeare was when being blasphemous. Now I must know. I'm on a mission. Thanks for inviting me to your show. I will be listening to many more.