Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Want a robot in your kitchen? (Yes, people in the know call 'em "bots.")

A cook for you and your family doesn't exist yet, but technologists are working on it. Many appliance companies as well as gadget-startups are hotly & heavily working on devices that can prepare meals and shop for groceries.

A bot will keep you well-stocked. Amazon's ready to sell you its "Dash" button, ( $4.99 per button) that could replenish things like Ziploc bags and pretzel goldfish.
     Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator, ($3,499),makes shopping easier, and with LG, (electronic company working with Amazon Alexa) offers you recipes.
     For $99 you can get a wireless SmarterFridgeCam that lets you see the contents of your fridge -- with its app tracks expiration dates on what you have, and makes recipe suggestions.

Bots can help you cook. The June Intelligent Oven ($1,495, called the Tesla of ovens) uses A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to determine how long things should cook; with its ability to identify foods such as chicken, bacon, salmon, waffles, chocolate chip cookies; with its cameras, sensors, and temperature gauge it can even remind you when to flip what's cooking.
A smart baking scale can tell you how much sugar, flour, seasoning, you need to add, such as Drop ($79.95) or Perfect Bake ($72), which also can, with its app, help you substitute ingredients for what you don't have.
     Various companies, such as Amazon Echo ($179.99) and Google Home  ($129.00) sets a timer for you and reads recipes aloud from Allrecipes and Food Network.

Bots can keep you healthy.
HAPIfork ($79) helps you lose weight by preventing you from eating too fast or too much -- it vibrates and lights up to indicate this. 
     SmartPlate Top View ($79) works with a scale and app that helps diners portion their meals and maintain a well-balanced diet.
     Pryme Vessyl ($99), a smart cup, can prevent dehydration, track daily water consumption with its meter that lights up to indicate your hydration level throughout the day; it integrates with Apple's Health App for the iPhone, so you can plug in your water-metics along with other fitness-metrics.


....well, I love to cook. I don't use recipes. I know how to use all my appliances efficiently. I have a timer on the stove that I rarely use. I keep a shopping list (with pencil attached) stuck to the fridge and keep it up-to-date. I shop for food online, and have it delivered once or twice a week. As for hydration, well-balanced diet, eating too fast, expiration dates ... Golly, good heavens....

A bot in your kitchen would be like having your Mom, or a stickler Mother-in-law looking over your shoulder!!!!


Carola said...

I would love to have a few bots running around my house--just so I could watch them and give them names. I am allergic to dogs and cats, so the bots could be my pets.

Linda Vee Sado of Slippery When Wet said...

I want the one that vacuums and folds laundry hahaha

Dustspeck said...

Sweet Kitchens Ahoy! I remember my mom and her mom and my aunt Edna and Millie and some of those chicks I can't remember busy in Edna's kitchen in Tonawanda, NY. Ya didn't want to get to close to that designated area; authorized personnel only, use of deadly force in effect; or, it sure felt like that. The end results of those Mississippi women was a battle well fought; a resounding victory. Happy Thanksgiving early Americans. October 9th is that in Canada. I want to try their's out someday soon; maybe next year?