Sunday, March 4, 2018


Steve Martin at 48 said, "They smell 50 in this town." Now he's 72, doing more than ever even though he's "over the hill."

The "HILL?" Yep! When you have a career, you are on your way up a hill. If you get to the top, it's a level plateau. You can stay there for awhile even though you still need to keep climbing a bit, to stay where you are. At some point, though it feels the same, the going up is going down.

This guy -- comedian, writer, playwright, producer, banjo player, pianist, dancer, composer, juggler, winner of Emmy, Grammy, American Comedy, and "Lifetime Achievement" awards -- singing, dancing, joking -- is always surprising us with new and unexpectedly current things.

Okay, Steve Martin is not hosting the Academy Awards this year but maybe he'll be in another play on Broadway -- well, probably not -- Broadway needs hot names and Steve Martin is not hot. Yes, he has fans, fame, he's a name throughout the world, but he's busy doing something off beat in some odd or unusual place where no star has ever appeared before.

Right now he's touring, playing the banjo, reaching a whole different kind of audience in the music world. Why? Because that's what he's in the mood to do. The video below reminds us of the amazingly many, MANY very different things he's been passionately involved with.

Golly, I love what this guy does. I want there to be more Steven Martin, more plays, films, shows, albums, books, DVD's -- he's more richly inventive now than ever before. I invariably find myself laughing with him and at him because his attitude toward the realities and UN realities of life in America fits me, expresses what I feel.

Yes, I love Steve Martin.

Here's an amazing video that will remind you of many projects that you've seen or heard about, and reveals a great deal about the real man that I didn't know which inspires my exclaiming WHAT A GUY!


Carola said...

I love him too. In addition to everything else he wrote a wonderful novel about the art market

SCOOPDAA said...

Thanks 4 Sharing