Saturday, June 9, 2018


We are definitely getting fussier and fussier, even a bit persnickety, about behavior that offends us.

Like saggy pants -- you see them frequently -- some ridiculously saggy, others are offensively drooping. The wearer might be a kid, but guys who look like grownups wear pants showing the crack in the buttocks.

Why?  To be cooler? To show off their butts? To annoy us?

In South Carolina, lawmakers have been trying to ban saggy pants with "House Bill 4957." It would make it illegal for a person to wear pants “sagging more than three inches below the ileum.” According to the U.S. Library of Medicine the ileum is the lower end of the small intestine.

Violating the law: $25 fine for first offense; $50 for 2nd offense plus three hours of community service; subsequent violations: $75 fine plus six hours of community service.

A similar ordinance was passed two years ago in Timmonsville, South Carolina, where third-time offenders could face fines up to $600. But support for the statewide proposal has been dropping fast, according to NBC's station KXAN. Though proponents of the bill have said the measure is all about ending an "unbecoming" look and deny the bill is designed to target minorities, actually many voters in the area are black and...    
What's my opinion about all this?  I think it's an interesting but harmless rebellion. Look where we're going with women's cleavage  -- lower and wider and sideways to the point of showing everything.

Gee, if sagging pants gets to be seriously illegal... Golly, "what's next" could be ... ?

Eek....  or Yay?

I say eek.


Carola said...

I remember when people used to hate my torn blue jeans.

Linda Vee Sado of Slippery When Wet said...

As annoying as they are. I think it would open Pandora's Box to ban them. Now no more bathing suit competition for Miss America and in England all the bikini ads have been removed from buses. I hate those stupid man buns and wish they'd go away. We live near ASU and all I see are guys in eye makeup, stretch tight leg jeans and man buns now and they even sell guy makeup kits in the stores now. Not sure is worse the way young people are dressing