Sunday, August 12, 2018


Back in 2013, I got a small pot of elephant ears, and sat it on my book shelf.

Calling it "plantee,"  I greeted it every morning and said goodnight to it every night.

By October 2015 there were 5 nice-sized elephant ears and 3 sprouts. I transplanted it with my husband's help (John Cullum's a good helper).

Using a large Plaster of Paris can, we filled it with potting soil, wood sticks and a straightened-out wire clothes hanger to support the 2 main stems, and placed it near fax machine in the hallway between our offices. With a desk lamp giving her sunshine, it was Plantee's home.

I greeted her as I crossed through the hallway to chat with John a dozen times a day. He began greeting her when he crossed the hallway to visit me.

If you work in a small office inside and faraway from people, a plant to love and cherish, and talk to, grows YOU like it grows the plant. John Held the Mac computer. I got behind the plant. And together we made this a photo of my flourishing Plantee last year.
Since Plantee was beginning to look like a tree, we headed for Home Depot in March -- bought a large pot and 2 bags of potting soil, made a mess of the hallway transplanting her but we were sure plantee needed a bigger home sweet home.

Here she is today. We figure Plantee is still adjusting.  (Double click the picture, the video starts slowly.)

If you have any ideas about this, don't fib -- let us know!

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