Monday, February 4, 2019


What can you do on a day when you're working on artistic things, when you keep getting interrupted by prosaic things you need to tend to immediately?

Take a look--see what John and Emily do. It might work for you.


Linda Vee Sado of Slippery When Wet said...

How odd I was thinking about that nursery rhyme just the other day. In Medieval days they left the stuff sitting on the hearth forever. It must have been awful nine days later. My new classic fairy tales of murder and mayhem book is due out this month. But the stories aren't anything to tell the children

Gary Alan Henson said...

You guys are too cute for words.
'Porridge' and 'Spider' are two child play time things my Mom did with me as well.
'Little Bunny Foo Foo' is one our girls did in Girl Scouts so I got to do that a lot!
These kind of things are great picker-uppers for anyone.
Deb and I also play cribbage occasionally and do the newspaper crosswords on Sunday morning as a ritual.
Have a great week, guys!

Linda Vee Sado of Slippery When Wet said...

I love you guys You are so cute <3