Friday, January 17, 2020


Contemplate this topic in a relaxed  mood -- when you are out for a walk, do you glance at yourself -- check out yourself in the glass of various store windows?

Are you good-looking, sort of everage? Passable? Have you ever said to yourself, "I look rather good. Or, "I look quite beautiful?"  Or "I AM BEAUTIFUL!" 

Does your blurting out self-praise sort of spookify you?

Perhaps it does. Vanity may inhibit you from doing what you yearn to do. Also, vanity keeps you working  competitively to make yourself look better, be prettier, more handsome, or noticeable -- it can inspire you to buy wrong things, and be compelled to head back to the store instantly and return it.

Take a second. Think of the things you haven't done, didn't dare do, or didn't want to do--did NOT do  because of VANITY.

Mirror mirror: 

Glance a window. or pick up a handmirror and it will reflect reality back to you.

Do it right now! Be brave! Come on ....

Just take a good look at yourself.

Yes, that's you.

Grab pride. Pride in you, that you are YOU.

Who and whatever is you -- WHAMO. THERE YOU ARE. See that you look okay, pretty, even prettier than you expected, and more, more everything.

You can't sit there forever staring  at yourself, you 'll look again maybe tomorrow with pride. The feeling of pride grows and grows on its own -- doesn't need to be tended or watered like grass. Even as you grow older, and even older, pride grows and grows and is there -- with or without any whamo, it's within you and part of what you are.

Practice pride. Whether you take the time to practice or not -- it is there and growing even as you get to be older and older ...... Even very old.

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Mike Bergeron said...

Was thinking about you today, wondering how you are doing. Was happy to find you're blogging again. Happy New Year belated.