Thursday, July 16, 2020


The opening number was "jazzed" up byMark's choreography.. He actually gave  Mr Chucky a big kick to do and a cartwheel. "It's exciting," Frankee told the star of the outdoor drama. "can I give you a little professional advice?" 

The actor playing the star of the show had a VERY friendly smile as he nodded.

Frankee demonstrated, raising her arms and cartwheeling.   "It's fun watching you, Mr, Chuck. Just try to relax your arms---you look a bit stiff Mr.  Chuk. 

 (They'd never been introduced).  

She was very surprised when the star said, "Thanks Miss Frankee.  Hey, why don't you call me  'John.' "

Echoing his tone, Frankee said "Okay,  Mr. John!"

The tall very handsome star of the outdoor drama about a famous Tennessee hero chuckled. "John Cullum from Knoxville--my family's seeing the show. after the show I'll introduce you. Your husband says you're a very special dancer and uniqely excellent choreographer.   

John's smile was on her face, His extra friendly smile became hers.  

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