Sunday, November 1, 2020


"Who the hell is this Nathan Ogelsby guy who keeps phoning you, Frankee?  Ogelsby told me called  you three time today because he loves your voice."

"He wants to invest in the team Mark."

 "Frankee, he told me that when he aked you to marry him, you said yes! "   

"Mark, he's a very nice guy with a ton of money."

"You said Yes?   Are you sleeping with him Frankee ?"

"My goodness, of course not.  He paid the rent once when we couldn't pay the rent."  


" Nate said his lawyers could dissolve the marriage. MARK. They'll open  "Haunted Moments" at the Longacre  Theater -- the Bijou theater is too small."

"'Haunted Moments' -- your choreography to sound effects ? You're referring to the new work that you said was going to make us 'big names' in the dance world?" 

"I didn't promise --I just said there might be a part  for his ex wife."

"Frankee, how long have you known his guy?"

"He gave me a ring after I danced  False Lady on Trudy Goth's showcase.  I gave it to MOM. She says its quite tiny, but it's a genuine diamond.  1/2 carat.  He gave me a much bigger diamond in a pink velvet box that I keep in my underwear drawer.  I'll wear it when I meet his family. 

retured from gatlinburg

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