Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Dreams, ideas, recollections, wonderings are typical 

Imagination is a part of my life,  work,  creativity. 

 WHAT IFS--imaginary possibilities--that's what I need to dig into. 

Gotta let my mind meander around and find "hopes" that are here and there--"hopes" that found enough space here and there to lay around and find a spot where a small H like a seed,  gets comfortable  and grows like a seed, igoring its own sprouting tendril though  even though you may sense it's growing larger.  

Skip over "THINGS WITH FEATHERS" - and Emily Bronte's words and her recollections.  We need the word. I got bored with the topic having written about the topic more than twice. Just do it, and go into the whole discusssion all over again.  

Just do it.  

H    O    P     E

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