Sunday, April 4, 2021

 north fifth street.. in harrisburg pennsylvania  the SHABBY RATHER DINKY OLD HOUSE A SMALL OECE OF LAND with NO GRASS TO MOW had one TREE THAT SHED LEaVES that  I raked  on SATURdAYS when DADDY DRwhere he drove me once a week TO HIS dress FActory  on the SIde  of town. schoool mates a once a sweek dmired some of the sample dresses dad gave me usually a sample dress t--will lways remember  the blue AND WHITE BLUE AND WHiTE DRESS  THAT I ASKED  school mate Martha - "do I look like a danceR?   MARTHA SAid NO  BECAUSE IT WAS NOT A DRESs  SINCE IT WAS NOT A DRESS my SCHOOLS BEST DANCER WHO DID  "toe tape dancing" like GOLDIE SHAwl. T i took dance lessons i OOK LESSONS THE LINNEKIN SCHOOL. MYTEACHER  WAS GUNDREN.GALLOWAY.  SHE GAVE ME  cHIFFON SCARF  to WAVE AS A I DANCED, AND PRAISED  THE WAY i DID A  'tour jete.  

I was not good at math and best friend MArTHA COLON  and FLUNKED ANd DIED  whEN DAD GAVE ME A mexican sstyle that Martha said was "CUTE "when we moved to 1822 my sister miriam had an attic room where I LEARNED  TO DRAW, and lived  in a room  wHERE I COULD PRACTICE AND STRETCH MY FEET which were never great feet for dancing. 

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