Saturday, May 9, 2009


When Mom first became old, and was doing less and less on her own, I noted her thumbs were bent, curled inward, toward her forefingers. Ten years ago my thumbs started hurting and back then I went to work on them.

I exercise my thumbs. Make my thumbs circle, both of them, clockwise, & counter-clockwise. I showed a surgeon who was thinking of retiring, how to do it with all the fingers -- do it early, do it while you're young. Anything that hurts -- use it -- keep trying to activate it.

NO for a sprain/strain -- ankle, wrist, elbow, toes that are swollen. Yes, if they're not swollen, just painful. Yes for TMJ, flabby abs, thickening waist, butt, thighs. If a sprain/ strain hurts more and more, send a signal, a wiggle order to a nearby place --wake up the surrounding area.

Stiff neck; Lie at the edge of the bed on your stomach, let the head hang down. Move it, left, right, up down, and around. Lie on your back, do the same thing.

Surgeon told his students about my hand exercises.
Our dentist stands against the wall doing my abs.
M who was starting to look like an old man is standing taller.
JD's knee that was killing him is better -- an exercise I gave him definitely helped.
The showers helped -- JC's back is much better

You can diminish, even eliminate stair-climbing knee pains. Pretend you're holding a quarter under your buttocks. (Try it, blog reader, if your knees hurt.) If you activate the gluteus, a powerful group of butt muscles, practice it, keep practicing it, you can climb the one step after another pain free.

What is this I'm conveying? Medical malarkey? Personal mumbo-jumbo? Quackery? What am I selling? I'm selling you on you. Focus on IT, whatever pain or ailment it is. You be the physician. "...heal thyself..."

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